Monday, 4 November 2013


As most people have gathered already from my Instagram and Twitter account; I recently attended the #NBNWorkshop, held by Next at The Hoxton HotelMost of us braved the storm last Monday to be there and it was so worth it!

Quick snap before heading out!
I started off by signing in and was given a goody bag, being told I’d need some of the items throughout the day. I went back into the cute kitchen to grab some breakfast - a pain au chocolat and quite a few croissants, whilst mingling with bloggers I’d just met. Straight away, I realised how chilled the atmosphere was also, how friendly and laid back everyone was.

Shortly after, a welcome talk was held and everyone was asked to grab their schedule, grab the bingo card out of their bag and download the snapchat app, to receive photos of the word throughout the day (see photo above for how we played it!). After organising ourselves, everyone then headed off to their first seminar.

My first and most favourite seminar was ‘Brand & Advertising’. I leant quite a bit about how you have to carry yourself in any career path you go down. 

Created by 'Fashion Foie Gras’ for Coach, inspired by bloggers who carry everything from laptops to cameras!
I know it’s such a simple thing that everyone should follow, but one thing that has stuck in my head is to be nice to people, as you never know who that someone could turn out to be!

Following the seminar, I had a spot of lunch - which I must say was so yummy I kept going up for more haha; I was so happy with the amount of food and variety they had, it was an amazing spread! Not forgetting ’The Tuck Shop’ - a wall full of sweets (which I forgot to take a photo of!). I was still chilling with the bloggers I met in the morning and we met another blogger; whilst eating our lunch in the lounge. The room was so cool, filled with bookshelves and comfy chairs!

Following lunch, I moved on to the second seminar ‘Photography & Film’. Which was interesting to hear the things well known bloggers do, to get the perfect photo or video! Taking 500+ photos to posting 10 blogs per week - crazy but obviously worth the time!

I then moved on to having afternoon tea which I never have on a normal day; they had the best shortbread biscuits ever! During the break everyone took part in the polaroid competition to win Next vouchers - it was good fun in our silly hats, glasses and wings, haha. I also had a look through the new A/W 13 collection, some cute pieces I must say!

After finishing my afternoon tea, I headed to the third and last seminar ‘SEO & Web Design’. I learnt a bit on how what types of layouts are best; including types of text and how to make all the photos on my blog the same size - presentation is important! Also, I learnt that I can link my clothing website to my blog but only if I move to WordPress and self host both websites; there are advantages and disadvantages but it’s something I may consider in the future.

Once all the seminars were over, we then moved into ‘the garden’ for cocktails and done a little more mingling. The bloggers I met were so down to earth and we had a laugh!

Here are a few pretty things I found throughout the day…

When I reached home, I emptied my goody bag and found these cute items inside...

Not forgetting a cheeky bag of sweets I took home :)

Thank you to Next for inviting me, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I look forward to future events, it was a success!
Vanessa John-Baptiste